DMB Holding

ambitious – consistent – experienced

A family business for world market leaders

Management: Hendrik Murmann (MBA), Dr. Martin Golücke

DMB is a family-run, independent and diversified medium-sized family business. Reliability, continuity and loyalty to our colleagues and partners have been our common strength for generations.

For the management of our companies, passion, a sense of responsibility and a sense of proportion
shall continue to be important guidelines!

Dr. Dieter Murmann

The history of DMB Holding

DMB combines the entrepreneurial activities of the Dr. Dieter Murmann family. It thus follows the tradition of Walter Murmann in the third generation as a diversified medium-sized industrial group. The family-owned company, which is committed to its independence, currently unites six independently operating groups of companies that are leaders in their respective markets

In addition to its organic growth, DMB strives to further expand its activities through mergers & acquisitions (M & A).

Walter Murmann

1899 - 1980

Dr. Dieter Murmann

1934 - 2021

Hendrik Murmann, MBA

geb. 1972

Markets & Products

Diversification means that DMB is not dependent on individual markets.

DMB Dr. Dieter Murmann Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH achieves a consolidated turnover of over 500 million euros in 2023.

Portfolio & Locations


  • Sauer Compressors Canada Ltd.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Sauer Compressors USA Inc.
    Stevensville, Maryland,USA
  • Sauer Compressors Mexico
    Apodaca, Mexico
  • Sauer do Brasil Indústria,
    Comércio e Serviços para Compressores Ltda

    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • FEW Automotive Glass Applications Inc.
    Wooster, Ohio, USA
  • FEW Automotive Glass Applications
    Tlaxcala, Mexico
  • Erichsen Inc.
    Westlake, Ohio, USA
  • German Machine Tools of America,
    Inc. (Profilator Group)

    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • Mexican GMTA S. de R.L. de C.V. (Profilator Group)
    Queretaro, Mexico
  • DBW Fiber USA Corporation
    Summerville, South Carolina, USA
  • DBW Fiber Technologies S. de R.L. de C.V.
    Tlaxcala, Mexico
  • Messring Inc.
    Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
  • Anschuetz do Brasil Sistemas Maritimos Ltda
    Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
  • Anschuetz Panama S. de R.L.
    Panama City, Panama


  • DMB Dr. Dieter Murmann
    Beteiligungsgesllschaft mbH

    Kiel, Germany (HQ)
  • J.P. Sauer & Sohn
    Maschinenbau GmbH

    Kiel, Germany (HQ)
  • FEW Fahrzeugelektrik Werk
    GmbH & Co. KG

    Zwenkau, Germany (HQ)
  • Erichsen GmbH & Co. KG
    Hemer, Germany (HQ)
  • ELMED Dr. Ing. Mense GmbH (Erichsen Group)
    Heiligenhaus, Germany
  • DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies GmbH
    Bovenden, Germany (HQ)
  • DBW Metallverarbeitung GmbH
    Ueckermünde, Germany
  • DBW Fiber-Neuhaus GmbH
    Neuhaus, Germany
  • DBW tec GmbH
    Hildesheim, Germany
    Gilching, Germany
  • MESSRING Active Safety GmbH
    Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Profilator GmbH & Co. KG
    Wuppertal, Germany (HQ)
  • Anschütz GmbH
    Kiel, Germany (HQ)


  • Sauer Zandov a.s.
    Žandov, Czech Republic
  • Girodin – Sauer SAS
    Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France
  • HAUG Sauer Kompressoren AG
    St. Gallen, Switzerland
  • Sauer Compressori S.u.r.l.
    Valmadrera, Italy
  • Sauer Compressors UK Ltd.
    Colchester, Essex, UK
  • FEW Žandov s.r.o.
    Žandov, Czech Republic
  • DBW Polska Spólka zo.o
    Cigacice, Poland
  • DBW Hungary Kft.
    Tapolca, Hungary
  • Anschuetz UK Ltd.
    Portsmouth, UK


  • Sauer Compressors China Ltd.
    Shanghai, China
  • Pall Marc Sauer Compressors Singapore Ltd.
  • Elgi-Sauer Compressors
    Ltd. Coimbatore

    Coimbatore, India
  • FEW (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Shanghai
    Shanghai, China
  • FEW - Automotive FPC
    Application Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen, China
  • Shanghai Profilator Machine Tools Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai, China
  • DBW Automotive
    Components Shanghai Co. Ltd.

    Shanghai, China
  • DBW Automotive
    Components (Taicang) Co.,Ltd.

    Taicang City, China
  • Chongqing MESSRING Technology Co. Ltd.
    Chongqing, China
  • Anschuetz Singapore Pte. Ltd.
    Singapore, Singapore
  • Anschuetz GmbH Shanghai Representative Office
    Shanghai, China

Mergers & Acquisitions Search profile

DMB is looking for sustainable market leaders that can be independently developed over generations.

We offer:

  • Long-term commitment over generations
  • The financial strength of a solid global group
  • Loyal and cooperative working style
  • Freedom of movement in daily business

The following is taken into account when making individual decisions:

  • Organic growth of the group comes before acquisitions
  • Generally not synergy-driven
  • We acquire without an exit strategy
  • We look for technologically based niches
  • We do not take any risk that would endanger our independence

Search profile:

  • Majority shares
  • Operationally independent units
  • Profitable operating units
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Capital goods / B2B
  • High-tech products
  • Headquarters in Europe
  • Annual turnover appx. 20 - 80 million €

Add-on to the portfolio companies:

  • In this case also synergy-driven
  • No risk for the respective portfolio group


The origin of the holding company DMB Holding is the Sauer Compressors Group, which was founded in Kiel in 1884 under the name Wilhelm Poppe Maschinenfabrik.

From 2008, the portfolio was then successively expanded and diversified.


Sauer Compressors Group
Foundation of the
Wilhelm Poppe
Maschinenfabrik in Kiel

2008 - 2020

Sichert Group
Multifunctional enclosure

Planned transfer to a
further holding structure within
the owner family.


Car glass soldering connectors


Erichsen Group
Sheet metal surface testing equipment


Profilator Group
Gear cutting machinery


DBW Group
Faser- und
Advanced Fiber technologies


Messring Group
Crash test systems


Anschütz Group
Navigation, command and mission systems for commercial and navy shipping

DMB Dr. Dieter Murmann Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH

Brauner Berg 15
24159 Kiel, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 431 39 40-644


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